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Middle East Conflict is a Direct Result of Societies' Inability to Separate Church and State.

How Imposition of Morality Becomes Fertile Ground for Extreme Ideology.

- Total Destruction of Israel: The objective of Hamas and all its followers. This mindset is rooted in their belief that Israel occupied Palestinian land and had no right to exist. 

- Chosen People of God: This is a belief rooted in their religion that the Jewish people are the 'Chosen People of God'. This belief may not be as radical as the first example but it places everyone outside of their faith as people 'Not Chosen by God'.

- Removal of Freedom of Choice: This is also rooted in the religious belief that protecting the right of the unborn by removing the right of people to choose what is best for their health and life. According to the Holy Bible, God gave us the 'Freedom of Choice'. including the freedom to choose or not choose him. I think this is one of the most amazing characteristics of the Christian God. Unfortunately, religion has the audacity to think they can improve on what God intended and eliminate Choice from people in the issue of abortion. When groups of people feel that they have the moral high ground on an issue, and you partner that with leaders who feel the same way, you create a fertile environment for Extreme Ideologies.

The dangers of church and state governments can arise from the potential for the infringement of individual rights, the erosion of religious freedom, and the risk of abuse of power.

When church and state are closely intertwined, there is a risk that religious doctrine may influence political decisions, potentially leading to policies that favor or discriminate against specific religious groups. This can infringe upon the rights of individuals who do not adhere to the dominant or favored religion, undermining the principles of equality and freedom of belief.

Another danger is the potential for religious institutions to gain excessive power and influence over government affairs. This can lead to the suppression of dissenting voices, limited freedom of expression, and the imposition of religious beliefs on a diverse population. It also threatens the separation of powers and the checks and balances that are essential for a functioning democracy.

Moreover, the entanglement of church and state can stifle progress and hinder social change. Religious doctrines may be resistant to scientific advancements, social reforms, and evolving societal norms. This can impede the development of inclusive and equitable policies that cater to the needs and aspirations of all citizens.

Ultimately, a separation between church and state helps to ensure that individuals are free to practice their religion without interference, while also safeguarding the principles of democracy, individual rights, and the pursuit of a pluralistic society.

For PEACE to have any chance of succeeding, religious ideology must take a backseat to humanity. We are all on this planet together and it's time for new ideas to solve the problems created by antiquated ideologies. It is time for young leaders to rise up and be heard and let not people who are clinging to antiquated views of the world dominate the narrative of this generation. John Lennon asked us to IMAGINE a world where people live as one, stop imagining, and start controlling the narrative in our communities and PROMOTE PEACE.

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