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INCOME TAX BRACKET: 2022 vs 2021

1% of the US taxpayers make $400k or more and they are provided with the most beneficial tax break, loopholes, and deductions not available to 99%.

Let's take a look at potential deductions available to the 1%:

- Luxury Private Jets

- Luxury Yachts

- Luxury Cars

- Luxury Travels

- Luxury Wardrobes

- Luxury Houses

- Luxury Gifts

- Luxury Offices

Many of you might say, 'how is this possible'?

The loophole available to them is simply changing the word 'luxury' to 'business', making all these luxurious things listed above under the classification of 'business expense'.

And who made this possible for the ultra-wealthy, mostly republican lawmakers you elected and sent to US Congress. I would rather see individuals making $50k or less, and couples making $75k or less, no longer required to pay taxes in exchange for removing all these luxurious deductions listed above. 

You will notice that if you discuss the benefits afforded to the 1% you are then labeled as, picking one group of people over another. What you don't realize is that they already picked one group, which is the 1% over you.

How do these politicians beholden to the 1% convince you to continue voting for them? 

Manufacturing Issues that cater to your selfish and hateful nature but at no benefit to you whatsoever. Let's take a look at some of these "manufactured issues".

- CRT: Critical Race Theory - Let's assume that no schools teach them anymore, how does that improve your financial situation or quality of life?

- Woke in Politics: Let's assume that no politicians are hounded by their past behavior or prejudice anymore, how does that improve your financial situation or quality of life?

- Gender Identification: Let's assume that no one can identify with any other gender other than male or female human beings, how does that improve your financial situation or quality of life?

- Abortion Rights: Let's assume that no one has access to safe abortion anymore, how does that improve your financial situation or quality of life?

- Gun Rights: Let's assume that all Americans are armed with assault rifles, how does that improve your financial situation or quality of life?

- Taxes: Let's assume that all Americans are no longer required to pay taxes anymore, it may give you weeks of free groceries but in exchange for WHAT?

A society of no police officers, no firefighters, no public schools, and public school teachers, no free hospitals or clinics, no road maintenance, no social security, no army, no government. You have the audacity to call these amazing members of society HEROES, but you don't want big corporations to pay their fair share. Is that really the purpose of your life?

If you don't subscribe to defunding the police, then you should not support defunding our military, firefighters, public school teachers, social security, and all these essential parts of a more meaningful and productive society.

On the other hand, a clean environment has a direct correlation to the quality of my life every single day. A conflict with another person that is not armed with an assault rifle improves my chances of staying alive. The freedom to choose who I love and access to safe abortion create an environment of a true and free society. And taking care of the least of these in our society is more Christian-like than condemning a group of people based on their gender identification.

Finally,  I don't want the purpose of my life to simply gratify my hateful and selfish tendencies, I'd rather use the life given by my creator to be more helpful and accommodating to the needs of others.

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much, it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."

(Franklin Roosevelt)

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