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The Power of Lies, Propaganda, and Political Manipulation.

People who make poor choices in life are in a never-ending loop of frustration and unhappiness. The country can be in a state of prosperity and the lowest unemployment rate in history, yet many are not feeling the effects of a good economy. It seems their lives are trapped in a cycle of despair,  not realizing that their situation was caused by Lies and Political Propaganda of a major political party.


Here are some of the PROPAGANDA and LIES weaponized by a major political party:

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1. YOUR GUNS WILL BE TAKEN AWAY: Every election, one party will scare you that the opposing party will take away your firearms. And after each campaign, the profits of gun manufacturers keep going up. People who believed in this propaganda have spent an enormous amount of money acquiring more guns instead of a more practical expense. These are hard-earned money they could have used to buy new tires for their trucks, health insurance, dental work, school supplies, new equipment for their farms, and missed opportunities to invest in new businesses or stocks. Now, after many elections, people are still falling into this trap.


2. OBAMACARE: During President Obama's Presidency, The Affordable Care Act was the most pressing manufactured issue of that time. A major political party has predicted the demise of our economy and our country if this was made available to the American people. It was named, as the most destructive liberal agenda ever created. The leadership of this major political party, with the participation of Governors of the same party, tried everything in their power to reject federal funding and prevent people from getting healthcare insurance (Obamacare). Today, Obamacare is the most viable healthcare insurance coverage with tens of millions covered, including families living in states controlled by conservative governors.


3. IMMIGRATION REFORM AND THE BORDER: The previous administration ran on this issue 4 years ago. He got elected and was President for four (4) years.  And the first two years, the conservatives had full control of all branches of the government, the White House, Senate, and Congress. After four (4) years in full control or in the majority our border is still broken. The biggest action that the former President did, regarding immigration and the border issue, was to Separate Minor Children from their Parents. Many of them died before getting reunited. Earlier this year, the current administration struck a deal with conservatives to fix the border wall and reform our laws but the former President asked his loyalists to block this immigration reform bill because the former President wanted to use 'The Border Issue AGAIN". Falling into this campaign scam by the former President is equivalent to Hiring a Dishonest Contractor Again.


Watch Sen. James Lankford make a case for the bipartisanship bill and ask Congress to "DO SOMETHING", but blocked by loyalists of the former President.


4. WOKENESS AND GENDER IDENTITY: Today, wokeness and gender identity is the latest peddled issue among conservatives. With catastrophic damages from climate change, the rise of authoritarian regimes around the world, and the disruption of artificial intelligence on the world economy, somehow wokeness tops all that. This newest propaganda is being advertised as the issue of our time. And the same people, who believed in all previous lies, are now buying into this new propaganda. Never underestimate the power of political manipulation.


5. SOCIAL ISSUES AND CHRISTIANITY: 3. This is probably the biggest lie of all propaganda spouted by conservatives. My son's elementary school teacher and some members of my own family keep saying, "If you support social issues by the liberals and progressives you cannot call yourself a 'Christian". My view on this statement is, that the conservative agenda is the Opposite of Christianity, and here's why?


- I can imagine Jesus preaching about the agendas promoted by liberals like; Healthcare for Everyone, Student Loan Forgiveness, Minimum Wage Hike, Protecting our Environment, Banning Assault Rifles, Promoting Renewable Energy, a more Sensible Immigration Reform, Supporting Women's Right to Choose,  and many more social issues. I see Jesus as the 'Lord of Social Issues'.


- On the other hand, I cannot imagine Jesus preaching the following; Keep all Your Money, More Tax Break for Billionaires, Freedom to Acquire More Guns, Drill Baby Drill, and Take Away Women's Freedom to Choose.


Now, by what measure should I compare the conduct and policies of any candidate?


The best measure to compare the conduct and policies of any candidate can be found in the Holy Bible. I find Paul's definition of LOVE, as the best guide to detect a Corrupt Politician or Scam Artist.


PAUL describes LOVE, as Patient, Kind, and NOT Boastful, Envious, Arrogant, or Rude. It also Doesn't Insist on its Own Way, Get Irritable or Resentful, or Rejoice in Wrongdoing, Instead it Rejoice in Truth and Turns Away from Violence and Coercion. 1st Corinthians 13:4-8 


I think 1st Corinthians 13:4-8  is one of the best guides in selecting our future leaders. If we match the Conduct and Policies of any candidate running for office to Paul's definition of Love, we can easily discern the right leaders for our country.

Facists and Tyrants are made possible by Enablers and Loyalists.


The practice of blind loyalty politics is the most destructive form of political activism. It destroys the basic foundations of a society that adheres to democratic principles and values. It mimics the practice of an organized crime syndicate, where loyalty to a leader or person is the most important measure of qualification for members.


Here are 5 Destructive Consequences of Practicing Blind Loyalty in Politics:

1. **Lack of accountability**: Blind loyalty can lead to politicians not being held accountable for their actions or decisions, as their supporters will defend them regardless of any wrongdoing.


2. **Diminished critical thinking**: Blind loyalty discourages followers from questioning the actions or policies of their chosen leaders, leading to a lack of critical thinking and independent judgment.


3. **Polarization**: Blind loyalty can contribute to increased polarization in society, as supporters become entrenched in their views and are less likely to engage in constructive dialogue with those who hold different opinions.


4. **Corruption**: When loyalty to a political figure or party becomes blind, it can create an environment where corruption may go unchecked, as supporters turn a blind eye to unethical behavior.


5. **Erosion of democracy**: In a healthy democracy, it is important for citizens to hold their leaders accountable and participate in informed decision-making. Blind loyalty undermines these principles and can erode the foundations of democracy.


It is essential for citizens or voting public to engage critically with politics, question authority, and hold leaders accountable for their actions in order to ensure a healthy and functioning democratic system.


Focusing on Policies:


Focusing on policies that elevate the quality of life of citizens and not fooled by schemes and strategies of corrupt politicians is paramount for the well-being of society for several reasons:


1. **Genuine Progress**: Policies aimed at improving the quality of life directly contribute to the well-being and prosperity of citizens. By prioritizing areas such as healthcare, education, employment, and social services, governments can make real and lasting improvements in the lives of their constituents.


2. **Safeguarding Public Resources**: Corrupt politicians often use schemes and strategies to divert public resources for personal gain, leading to inefficiency and inequality. By focusing on policies that benefit citizens, we ensure that resources are used effectively for the common good rather than for individual enrichment.


3. **Building Trust and Integrity**: Prioritizing policies that elevate the quality of life helps build trust between the government and the people. By resisting the temptations of corrupt politicians and focusing on the needs of citizens, leaders demonstrate integrity and a commitment to serving the public interest.


4. **Sustainable Development**: Policies that improve the quality of life contribute to sustainable development by investing in areas that promote long-term growth and stability. By focusing on education, healthcare, infrastructure, and social welfare, societies can build a strong foundation for a prosperous future.


5. **Empowering Citizens**: Prioritizing policies that elevate the quality of life empowers citizens by providing them with essential services, opportunities for advancement, and a higher standard of living. This empowerment enables individuals to actively participate in society, hold leaders accountable, and contribute to the well-being of their communities.


In conclusion, focusing on policies that elevate the quality of life of citizens is essential for creating a just, equitable, and thriving society. By remaining vigilant against the schemes of corrupt politicians and advocating for policies that benefit all members of society, we can foster a more prosperous and sustainable future for generations to come.


It’s time to let go of the politics of old, where divisions and hatred thrive, and people are ruled by Kings and Monarchy. It’s time to live up to our Declaration of Independence, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

What was I made for?

The success of any society or country depends on how women are treated and valued.

I grew up in a very conservative environment. I am the son of a very conservative pastor who believes in a doctrine where people can only get to heaven by observing the right day of worship or Sabbath. I also attended schools (elementary to college) under the supervision and curriculum approved by the church where my father was employed. So, I developed a mindset that is extremely judgmental of people. I judge people according to what they wear, what they eat, or the makeup and jewelry they have on. I also relate these shallow things to their chances of going to heaven.


While in school observing other students I was drawn to students who were not like me, especially girls that wear what I consider 'inappropriate clothing". I always wondered how these girls wearing what I considered 'inappropriate clothing' would fare in the world. I was concerned about how their life would turn out based on the superficial and very shallow doctrine that I learned from my church. For some reason, I became friends with people whom my church would consider bad influences. I was probably curious about what they are like as people. I found out that people wearing “inappropriate clothing” are nice to me. And I witnessed all of them have the capacity to be kind, and more accepting of people. They also accepted me for who I am which is a better doctrine than what my church has taught me over the years.


Today, I am now a father of two unique individuals (a girl and a boy). As they both grow I realize that I still have a lot to unload from the doctrines I have learned growing up. When my daughter reached high school she was very much into fashion and having a lot of friends. Unfortunately, what is fashionable today is extremely “inappropriate” in my day. I began to worry about how she would be perceived as a person. So, I decided to talk to my daughter and ask her why she likes wearing the clothes she is wearing. Is it to impress a boy, or to be popular? I also told her that people will not respect her if she keeps wearing those clothes, clothes that I consider “inappropriate”.


Overwhelmed with emotions with tears running down her face, she responded with, “I wear those clothes because it makes me feel good about myself, I don’t wear them to impress a boy, or anyone, I do it for me.” I had never felt such a jerk until that moment. And she is right. My definition of morality does not define her value as a person. Her value as a human being should not be measured by my definition of what is proper, it should be measured by her treatment of others.

Our true value as human beings should always be measured by our treatment of our fellow humans, not by anyone's version of morality.

My daughter completely changed how I value people. God gave me a daughter that my church would consider improper, only to learn that my church's definition of what is proper is not only wrong, but it is also extremely shallow. Today, we have a political party and candidates that see women as made for the sole purpose of pleasing men. They endorse a world that prohibits women from having a say in their reproductive health.


Some countries and societies are led by leaders who allow churches to impose their version of morality as the law of the land. These are societies that are very restrictive of women’s rights, and most consider women as property. This is why I will never support any candidate from a party that is very comfortable taking away women’s right to choose. I prefer a society where my daughter has ultimate power regarding her reproductive health. A political party and candidate who wants to impose his or her morality on others is simply not acceptable.


Remember when conservatives were up in arms about a government mask mandate, a mandate to prevent the spread of covid-19 virus. They were crying foul and screaming about their rights and freedom being trampled. Yet, they are comfortable letting the government decide on women's reproductive health. For some reason, taking women's right to choose away from women is okay, and now the law of the land.


Finally, let us address the question presented by the title of this article. Let’s go back to the beginning of creation. According to the Holy Bible, Man (Adam) was created on the sixth day, and based on God’s observation, he was not happy; all creation feels empty and lonely, it seems that something or someone is missing. So, God created a woman (Eve), from a rib of Adam, to be like Adam and enjoy and share all of heaven and earth as one. Created from a rib next to his heart to be protected and loved. Simply put, the creation of heaven and earth, including the creation of man (Adam) only made sense after the creation of a woman (Eve).

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