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Perversion of "Christian Values" by Loyalists of the Former President.

Loyalists of the former president, including members of my own family, have perverted the true meaning of 'CHRISTIAN VALUES'. 


Members of my family asked me, how can you call yourself a Christian if you support progressive policies and democratic agendas?


My response was, "I can see Christ supporting the issues Democrats are promoting over policies of Faux Conservatives". 

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I can imagine Christ preaching about Student Loan Forgiveness, Healthcare Coverage for Everyone, Banning Assault Rifles, Asking Billionaires to Pay Their Fair Share, Protecting the rights of Women, and Protecting our Environment.


On the other hand, I could never imagine Christ supporting the following, More Tax-Break for the Rich, Buy More Assault Rifles, Keep All Your Money, Take Away Women's Rights, and Drill Baby Drill.


It is amazing how the loyalists of the former President perverted the definition of 'Christian Values'.

What was I made for?

I grew up in a very conservative environment. I am the son of a very conservative pastor who believes in a doctrine where people can only get to heaven by observing the right day of worship or Sabbath. I also attended schools (elementary to college) under the supervision and curriculum approved by the church where my father was employed. So, I developed a mindset that is extremely judgmental of people. I judge people according to what they wear, what they eat, or the makeup and jewelry they have on. I also relate these shallow things to their chances of going to heaven.

While in school observing other students I was drawn to students who were not like me. Especially girls that wear, what I consider 'inappropriate clothing". I always wondered how these girls wearing what I considered 'inappropriate clothing' would fare in the world. I was concerned about how their life would turn out based on the superficial and very shallow doctrine that I learned from my church. 


For some reason, I became friends with people whom my church would consider bad influences. I was probably curious about what they are like as people. I found out that people wearing “inappropriate clothing”, are nice to me. And I witnessed all of them have the capacity to be kind, and more accepting of people. They also accepted me for who I am which is a better doctrine than what my church has taught me over the years.


Today, I am now a father of two unique individuals (a girl and a boy). As they both grow I realize that I still have a lot to unload from the doctrines I have learned growing up. When my daughter reached high school she was very much into fashion and having a lot of friends. Unfortunately, what is fashionable today is extremely “inappropriate” in my day. I began to worry about how she would be perceived as a person. So, I decided to talk to my daughter and ask her why she likes wearing the clothes she is wearing. Is it to impress a boy, or to be popular? I also told her that people will not respect her if she keeps wearing those clothes, clothes that I consider “inappropriate”.


Overwhelmed with emotions with tears running down her face, she responded with, “I wear those clothes because it makes me feel good about myself, I don’t wear them to impress a boy, or anyone, I do it for me.” I had never felt like such a jerk until that moment. And she is right. My definition of morality does not define her value as a person. Her value as a human being should not be measured by my definition of what is proper, it should be measured by her treatment of others.

Our true value as human beings should always be measured by our treatment of our fellow humans, not by anyone's version of morality.

My daughter completely changed how I value people. God gave me a daughter that my church would consider improper, only to learn that my church's definition of what is proper is not only wrong, but it is also extremely shallow. Today, we have a political party and candidates that see women as made for the sole purpose of pleasing men. They endorse a world that prohibits women from having a say in their reproductive health.


Some countries and societies are led by leaders who allow churches to impose their version of morality as the law of the land. These are societies that are very restrictive of women’s rights, and most consider women as property. This is why I will never support any candidate from a party that is very comfortable taking away women’s right to choose. I prefer a society where my daughter has ultimate power regarding her reproductive health. A political party and candidate who wants to impose his or her morality on others is simply not acceptable.


Finally, let us address the question presented by the title of this article. Let’s go back to the beginning of creation. According to the Holy Bible, Man (Adam) was created on the sixth day, and based on God’s observation, he was not happy; all creation feels empty and lonely, it seems that something or someone is missing. So, God created a woman (Eve), from a rib of Adam, to be like Adam and enjoy and share all of heaven and earth as one. Created from a rib next to his heart to be protected and loved. Simply put, the creation of heaven and earth, including the creation of man (Adam) only made sense after the creation of a woman (Eve).

“You (women) are made to make sense of God's creation”. The success of any country or society depends on how women are treated and valued.

Republican Leadership Voted to Keep Border Open to Play Politics:

You see these videos of migrants crossing the border, attempting to enter our country illegally; it looks like a scene from a zombie apocalypse. The association of border patrol agents is frustrated, hoping to get the support they desperately need, but politics keeps getting in the way.


Keep in mind, the current condition of the border and all these loopholes in our laws were inherited by the Biden administration from the previous administration.

The previous administration, led by Trump, campaigned for two years about securing our borders and spent four years in power, with two years in full control of both Congress and the Senate, but did nothing to secure our border In fact, the illegal crossing of migrants almost doubled under Republican leadership.


So, the current administration, under the leadership of President Biden, decided to address this border crisis in a bipartisan manner. It even includes the majority of the border walls recommended under the previous Republican administration.

A bill co-authored by a Republican Senator from Oklahoma was presented to the Senate on February 7, 2024, to start providing a solution to this issue. This bill was also supported by the Border Patrol Union, who are demanding any support they can get.


Unfortunately, it was rejected by the Senate Republican leadership to give their candidate a chance to win an election. Please note that this bill was previously agreed upon by Republican senators before changing their minds to play politics. Based on their political calculations, it will give them a better chance to win an election, while we witness an influx of potential criminals or terrorists crossing the border.


Republican leadership sees the border crisis as a never-ending supply of campaign materials every election cycle, and solving it will eliminate their chance of winning an election. So, it is in their best interest to keep the border open so they can continue using it as their number one campaign issue.

The association of border patrol agents needs help now, and playing politics is perfect for countries and groups that are trying to harm us.


Our battles are no longer about Ideas and Policies, the fight for our country is now between Reasonable Republicans and Democrats vs  Unreasonable Loyalist Mob. Under a mob rule, Nikki Haley and her followers are now considered 'enemies'.

The wealth of the world’s five richest men more than doubled since 2020

5 Wealthiest People

The five wealthiest people on Earth have become a whole lot richer in recent years.


Since 2020, these billionaires’ net worth has skyrocketed 114% to a total of $869 billion, after taking inflation into account, according to Oxfam’s annual inequality report, released Sunday. If current trends continue, the world could see its first trillionaire in a decade. 

At the same time, nearly 5 billion people globally have become poorer, as they contend with inflation, war, and the climate crisis. It would take nearly 230 years to eliminate poverty based on the current trajectory.


The report, which draws on data compiled by Forbes, is timed to coincide with the kickoff of the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, an elite gathering of some of the wealthiest people and world leaders.


Though inequality is on the rise, there are some bright spots, said Nabil Ahmed, Oxfam America’s director of economic and racial justice. Workers have been flexing their muscles through strikes and deals that better their compensation and working conditions. Also, some governments have been on their side, pushing policies aimed at strengthening workers’ rights.


“We find ourselves in a new Gilded Age, but workers, regulators, and union and community organizers are starting to make cracks in it,” Ahmed said.


Rising fortunes

Elon Musk, who runs several companies, including Tesla and SpaceX, was the big winner in recent years. His wealth soared to $245.5 billion at the end of November, up 737% from March 2020, after accounting for inflation.


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had a fortune of $167.4 billion, up 24%; while Oracle founder Larry Ellison’s wealth totaled $145.5 billion, up 107%.

Rounding out the list of top five wealthiest people was Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, whose net worth rose 48% to $119.2 billion.


Overall, billionaires have seen their wealth grow by $3.3 trillion, or 34%, since 2020, with their fortunes expanding three times faster than the rate of inflation, according to Oxfam.


US billionaires, many of whom derive their wealth from the equity in the companies they lead, are $1.6 trillion richer.

Corporate Power

In this year’s report, Oxfam argues that businesses are raking in big profits, which are helping fuel the fortunes of the wealthy. Seven out of 10 of the world’s largest public companies have either a billionaire CEO or a billionaire as its principal shareholder.


What’s more, the top 1% holds 43% of the world’s financial assets, according to Oxfam, drawing on data from Wealth X. In the United States, this group owns 32%; in Asia, it’s 50%. In the Middle East, the top 1% holds 48% of the financial wealth, while in Europe, it’s 47%.


Some 148 of the world’s largest corporations made nearly $1.8 trillion in profits in the 12 months leading up to June 2023, Oxfam said. That’s 52.5% higher than their average between 2018 to 2021. Oxfam calls out the oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical companies, and the financial industry for reaping higher profits in the last year or two than their average in prior years.


“We ignore at our peril the role of monopoly power in redistributing wealth to the top,” Ahmed said.


Oxfam is calling on governments to step in.

“Public power can rein in runaway corporate power and inequality — shaping the market to be fairer and free from billionaire control,” Amitabh Behar, Oxfam International’s interim executive director, said in a statement. “Governments must intervene to break up monopolies, empower workers, tax these massive corporate profits and, crucially, invest in a new era of public goods and services.”


This is why I am not a fan of political candidates or parties that manufacture issues only to serve the financial well-being of corporations and wealthy people when they get into positions of power.

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