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Are you a part of a Political Movement or Cult Movement?

A Few Signs of a Cult Movement:

- Total Devotion & Beliefs: The mindset of followers is dictated by the leader, the followers will echo whatever the leader is currently passionate about.

- Victim Mentality: The leader will play the role of a victim every opportunity he gets, and convinces his followers that the world is out to get him.

- Flow or Information: A cult movement must have full control of the news and information that their followers consume. News must be filtered not based on evidence but based on how it agrees with their narrative.

- Zero Tolerance for Dissenters: Previously chosen leaders and followers who dare to question their leader are automatically vilified and branded as enemies.

In the shadows of society, a clandestine political movement quietly emerges, captivating the hearts and minds of its followers. Led by a charismatic leader, the movement promises a utopian vision of political transformation and empowerment. Their ideology, wrapped in an enigmatic veil, draws in individuals seeking change and a sense of belonging.

Within the movement, members find solace and purpose, united by a shared belief in radical societal restructuring. They gather in secret locations, engaging in fervent discussions, passionate debates, and intellectual exploration. Their ideology challenges the status quo, calling for a redistribution of power and resources, and advocating for a more egalitarian society.

The movement's allure lies in its ability to tap into the frustrations and disillusionment felt by many. It offers an alternative narrative to the mainstream, appealing to those who feel unheard and marginalized. Through carefully crafted rhetoric, the movement stokes a sense of righteous rebellion against the established order, promising a future where everyone's voice will be heard, where justice will prevail, and where inequalities will be eradicated.

However, as the movement gains momentum, it faces scrutiny and resistance from the authorities and the traditional political establishment. Critics label it as dangerous and radical, fearing the disruption it could bring to the existing power structures. The movement's followers are accused of being brainwashed, and blindly following a false prophet.

Yet, amidst the controversy and opposition, the movement's members remain steadfast. They see themselves as warriors for political justice, willing to challenge the norms and fight for a better world. Their dedication to the cause strengthens their bond, forming a tight-knit community of individuals who believe they are on the cusp of greatness.

While the narrative of this cult political movement may be captivating, it's important to remember that real-life political movements should be evaluated critically, considering their values, actions, and impact on society

There is a great document currently out on NETFLIX called, 'How to become a CULT LEADER", it showcases the most popular cult leaders of our time. 

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