Supports Womens Rights

Helping Individual Workers

is Better for the Economy

Supports Free Universal Education and Healthcare. Passed Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care.

Supports transitioning out of Fossil Fuel and rely more on Renewable Energy.

Supports Protecting the Environment

Supports Federal Criminal Background Checks Prior to Owning a Gun, Fingerprint Safety, and Assault Weapons Ban.

Supports Allowing Migrant Workers with NO Criminal History

Supports Increase of Wages

Real Issues

Abortion Rights


Education and Healthcare



Guns and Gun-Related Violence

Immigration Reform

USA is the #1 Consumer of Products Produced by Drug Cartels.

Today, Drug Cartels are in full control of their communities. If the lives of your children are at risk and their future is bleak, will you not migrate to the United States to give them a better future?



Decision Belongs to the

Federal Government.

Helping Business Owners and Corporations is Better 

See our Educational System as a Threat to their preferred way of life, and continues to repeal ACA or Obama Care without a replacement.

Drill Baby Drill

Businesses takes priority over Environmental Protection 

Supports NO RESTRICTIONS in owning a gun and access to

Assault Weapons. Regarding violence, answer is, 'Thoughts and Prayers'.

Supports Building Border Walls

Increase in Wages

will hurt Businesses

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